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The terminator escalator handrail sanitizer

The terminator escalator handrail sanitizer
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The terminator escalator handrail sanitizer
The terminator escalator handrail sanitizer

The handrails of escalators and moving-walks are very vulnerable to infection due to the fact that each of them has contact with the hands of as many as thousands of people per day.
There have been no other reasonable measures of disinfection other than wiping them two to three times a day with hand towels. This is one of the reasons why some people are hesitant to grab the handrails.
Handrail UV LED Sterilizer wipes out 99.99% of the germs on the surface of a handrail just before a passenger lays his or her hand on the handle. The sterilizer is installed on the front part of handrail and shoots UV rays onto the handle which passes through this point.
The product blocks any sources of infection from spreading by completely destroying the DNA of germs via UV LED light having a wavelength of 278 nanometers(nm). It is also harmless to the human body since it does not use any chemicals or heavy metals.
Also, this product offers a very easy installation. All that needs to be done is to attach a sterilizer of the size of half an A4 paper, without any need to make changes to the existing facility. When the escalator starts operation, the sterilizer also starts to work immediately.
Another special feature of the sterilizer is that it is a wireless device with no need for power supply. No electricity cost occurs for this product since its operation relies on self-electricity generation using the energy from the movement of the handle.
The performance and safety of Handrail UV LED Sterilizer have already been approved by official institutions around the globe. The product has acquired the CE certificate from the European Union and the KC certificate from Korea with regard to safety, environment, and health.
Our customer officials said, “This product is an innovative product that improves hygiene and safety at the same time.”
The terminator escalator handrail sanitizer
At this moment, using escalator and moving walks handrail causes healthe problems such as various pathogenic diseases and viruses because it is used by thousands of people.
This product aims to contribute ot improve hygienic environment by sterilizing bacteria and viruses, just by simply attaching it to an escalator or mowing walks handrail.
Characteristices of product
  • Self-generation type without power
As the product generates power independently without connectiong to an outer power line, there is no risk of electric accident.
  • Low-noise design for the generation part
Noise from the rotation of generator is minimized to allow quiet operation.
  • Sterilizing power of strong ultraviolet rays
Two powerful UVC lamps are installed to provide stronger sterilizing power.
  • Easy to install and manager
Installation is avaliable through simple attachment, and there is no need for additional management.
  • Safe and practical design
The size and weight of product are minimized to prevent the product from hindering with the movement of escalator passengers, as well as accidents caused by failling, and this product have children protection device.

Warranty period
One year from the date of delivery.
Free repair in case malfunctioning is caused by manufacture errors while using the product normally within the warranty period.
Free exchange in case malfuctioning is found while delivering the product or installing the product intially.
In case of the following, service fee may be charged even within the warranty period, or A/S service itself may be unaailable.
  • In case malfunctioning is caused by the user’s mistake udirng use/impact on the product/negligence/flooding.
  • In case malfuctioning is caused by natural idsasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, ect.
  • In case the product has been dismantled, remodelled or repaired arbitraily.
  • In case repair of product has been performaed by a srvice aganet not designated by the company.
  • In case the product is not the subject of warranty.
Warranty for certain parts
UV-C Led module
Standard: within 10000 hours of use(free of charge), after 10000 hours of use(charged extra cost)
Incase there is loud noisde: within the warranty period(free exchange), after the warranty period(charged A/S)
The UV-C wavelength of ultraviolet ray sterilizer may damage the cornea of eyes.
Do not watch the product from a close distance.
Close the upper slider of side cover compeletely so that ultraviolet ray doesn’t leak out from the inside of product.
Impacting the product cover strongly with shopping carts ect may damage the connection aprts of the outside cover.
Haning on the product, putting your hands in the lower part of the product or grabbing the handrail on the lower part of the product are very dangerous.
Make sure not to do so.
Do not dimantle, repair or remodel the product arbitrarily.
The sterilizing lamp may not work, or the product may fall out.
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