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About us

About us

Founded in July 2017,
 JIENESC is a global professional provider of the all-kinds elevator and escalator parts solutions, focusing on the development of original elevator and escalator parts. Possessing independent core competitive advantage, own warehouse, own Department of Quality Assurance, own Product packaging department, own product supply pipeline.

We noticed it’s complex and not convenient in the elevator and escalator parts industry, so we would like to make an easy and convenient system for our customers, and one-stop service for elevator and escalator parts is our mission. Now we supply parts include escalator step roller, escalator chain roller, escalator step chain, escalator motherboard,  escalator key switch, escalator guide rail, escalator comb plate, escalator step pallet, escalator rubber handrail, escalator handrail inlet, escalator v-belt, escalator newel chain, escalator tension chain, escalator idler roller, escalator support roller, escalator brake magnet, escalator friction wheel, escalator handrail shaft, escalator drive shaft, escalator motor, escalator safety switch, escalator senor, escalator power board and elevator guide rail, elevator guide shoe, elevator door detector, elevator door motor, elevator compensation chain, elevator traction machine, elevator lop panel, elevator cop panel, elevator push button, elevator speed governor, elevator PCB, elevator inverter, elevator wire rope, elevator limited switch, elevator sensor, elevator fan, elevator door controller and so on.

JIENECS parts have used on all kinds of Escalator, and elevator maintenance projects in many countries.

ESC Escalator Parts and ESC Elevator Parts
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